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The fee for the notary’s professional activity is connected to the transaction’s economical value and to its complexity.
The Studio Notarile Crivellari invites citizens to fix a date for a free interview in order to examine the transaction’s documents carefully. The notary will then suggest the best solution both from a juridical and an economical point of view. This is the only way to formulate an accurate estimate of costs. Therefore, without the documentation’s preventive analysis the calculated costs could be reduced or slightly increased.

In order to ask for an estimate of costs it is necessary to provide the following information:

  • name and surname of the applicant;
  • telephone number;
  • email address.
  In case of a real transaction:
  • typology of the real estate;
  • seller;
  • buyer;
  • if the buyer has the “primary residence” benefit;
  • cadastral value of the real estate;
  • sale price of the real estate.
  In case of a loan:
  • typology of the loan
  • capital.
  In case of incorporation:
  • typology of the company to establish;
  • company’s capital;
  • typology of bestowals (money, real estates, firms, credits).

In all other cases please contact us in order to know the necessary information to calculate an estimate of costs.
Ask for an estimate of costs